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Low-maintenance windows

Helping You!...Enjoy your View.

Glass is a wonderful way to help you enjoy a better view of your home or office surroundings. In addition to clean windows really making your place look good, they also have a way of actually making you feel better...giving an improved sense of well-being whether consciously or sub-consciously.

Windows protected by the Diamon-Fusion® low-maintenance coating experience the benefit of improved brilliance (looking better), easy cleaning (cleaning up easier) and cost savings on maintenance (exteneding time between cleaning intervals). Certainly there is ample evicence from experience or even testimonials, that Diamon-Fusion® really reduces cleaning and associated costs.

Our condolences to the window washers of the world who feel they may have less work to do because of homeowenrs and building managers having their windows coated with the Diamon-Fusion® process. Maybe they will need to join the team of on-site installers like us, and help everyone reduce professional cleaning intervals and costs.

Beautiful views with Diamon-Fusion® on your windows

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