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Solar panel systems generate electricity from the sunshine, that's old news. However, in addition to a rainy and cloudy day putting a damper on your fun pool-side activities, it also reduces the amount of energy your solar power system creates, basically costing you money out of pocket because you're buying power off the grid instead of producing it for free.

While we can't promise to help you prevent a rainy or cloudy day, did you know that dirty panels can reduce energy production by up to 30% or more over time? Here's the good news: In addition to the dust repelling and shedding properties of the Diamon-Fusion® technology, coated solar panels have an improved output recovery rate vs. ordinary solar panels.

An impressive 90% recovery rate for Diamon-Fusion® coated solar panels vs just a 30% recovery rate for ordinary solar panels when rinsed with water.

You will find that your Diamon-Fusion® coated solar panels are providing more regenerative power with less frequent maintenance time, lower annual operating costs and increased solar recovery rates.

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