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    After turning on a warm shower, a forest scene will appear on the shower glass doors. Watch the amazing video and see it appear right before your eyes.


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    Invisible Art Glass®


    Turn your dream into a work of art..

    Reprinted from Palm Springs Life Magazine

    It’s 6 a.m. and you’re facing a long and arduous day.  You’re stressed, anxious and already dreading the budget cuts you’ll be discussing in that first business meeting of the morning.  Your shoulders are tight, your neck is stiff.  You step into the shower, turn on the hot water and there--before your eyes--a tranquil scene takes shape on the shower’s glass panes, a scene that instantly takes you back to a relaxing vacation some years earlier on a sun-lit, palm-lined beach in Mexico; and miraculously, you’ve been transported back to your “happy place.”


    Imagine revisiting your all-time favorite spot, be it Mexico, Hawaii, Yosemite, or some far away exotic locale, every time you step into the shower. It’s possible and quite simple thanks to Invisible Art Glass®, a unique process that uses exclusive hydrophobic nanotechnology and the steady hand of a skilled artisan to transform your new or existing shower into a one-of-a-kind work of art. Any image can be imbedded into clear glass and mirror – be it detailed artwork, a graphic, a family photo, company logo, or lettering – remaining invisible to the eye until fogged, misted, or steamed.


    Using this process, is years of hands-on development by nano-artist Tim Bloom. Utilizing an award-winning patented nanotechnology called Diamon-Fusion®, artist Bloom carefully arranges hydrophobic molecules (molecules that repel water) in precise patterns to create one-of-a-kind works of art based upon designs submitted by interior designers, architects and other artists. How it is possible to get art images to appear on clear glass, as well as mirrors, is almost mystifying. “It’s not magic, it really has a lot more to do with art based science,” states Tim,an Invisible Art Glass® artist. “Using glass and mirror as my canvas, and nanomolecules as my medium, I create nano-art that only appears during a warm shower when light is diffused through water vapor as it settles on the shower door glass in an art pattern created by the nanomolecules.”


    “Everyone loves what this technology does for shower doors and mirrors,” says Tim Bloom, Rancho Mirage based licensee of Diamon-Fusion® nanocoating , the distributor of the Invisible Art Glass® in the Coachella Valley. “The coating also helps the surface stay cleaner and cleans up easier, as well as reduces hard water stains.”


    Considering the ability of this artist to imbed nanomolecules into a resort hotel’s bathroom mirror, greeting guests with a friendly message accompanied by the resorts logo, Invisible Art Glass® may well be one of the most unique marketing opportunities that the hospitality industry has seen in years.


    “But the most exciting application we’re offering is the opportunity to get away – every day – to the location of your choice,” says nano-artist Bloom, running his hands along his own shower depicting a forest-laden scene. “It’s truly an experience…what you are seeing is not a mirage, it’s Invisible Art Glass®.”


    So whether a homeowner, interior designer, architect, or resort manager, be one of the first to call or visit online today to commission an Invisible Art Glass® work and have nano-artist Tim Bloom create a work of art for yourself, a friend, or a client.

    ©Tim Bloom & Palm Springs Life Magazine

    Invisible Art Glass® is a registered trademark of Diamon-Fusion International, Inc. Irvine, California


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